Kenneth Brewster 15yrs

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“The sum of it all”

 The summer of 1957, one of my fondest memories was my oldest sister Minnie who was the owner of a 1957 Chevy Belair. One day Minnie was returning home by way of Austin road in the Ben Hill community where her Chevy plunged into a ditch. Now in my mine I was thinking this is a very fast car simply because she had lost control. Immediately I feel head over hills for this car. Eleven years later at the age of 16 my brother Johnny gave me a 57 Chevrolet as a gift.
In 1994 some year later, I heard of a Car Club on Old National Highway by the name of The Old National Cruisers. The Cruisers had crusie-ins every 4th Saturday of the month. One Saturday I attended one of there cruise-ins and instantly I was in love and joined the club. Man, this is what I called goo fun, nice clean family fun. I often saw friends and people I hadn’t seen in years, to be exact over 30 years or more. These were people I haven’t seen since I hung out in place like “Mosley Park”, The Split “T”, Chicken “Q”, The Rainbow Inn, The Varsity, Club “400” and The Sand Suzie.

To my Club Members,

“We are Family and [Together Everybody Accomplishes More] (TEAM)”  


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