Jerome Wilkey Club reasurer

In Loving Memory of Cylde Wilkey  (Brother) 1955 Chevy

Hi! I’m Jerome Wilkey…, one of the “original members” of the Old National Cruisers. I’m the proud owner of several vintage vehicles that I fondly refer as my kids. They include a 1966 Plymouth Satellite and a 1969 Plymouth Road-runnner with my most treasured child being the Road Runner equipped with the Roadrunner himself and his counterpart Wylie Coyote travelling as back seat companions. I guess you could say that I’ve had an interest in cars since my youth when at the age of 16, my mother purchased the Satellite for both my brother and I. I decided to “pull rank with squatter’s rights” as the elder sibling and claim it for me since my brother’s interest in cars was alittle less enthusiastic than mine. My interest in cars was further cultivated with my formal training where I attended Atlanta Metro Technical School in Atlanta for Auto Body Repair and was later employed at Kelly Chrysler in Marietta, GA as a Painter’s Helper. I became the owner of a 1956 and a 1959 Chevrolet Pickup previously owned by my older brother, Clyde Wiley, also a member of The Old National Cruisers until his death in 2007. As one of the “Founding Fathers” of the organization, my involvement with Old National Cruisers has been extremely rewarding as we continue to support the community with our philanthropic efforts thru our “Annual Toys for Tots Campaign”, “Seasonal Monthly Cruise-Ins” and other various activities to serve the community. Who knew that once a friend of mine mentioned that “a group of guys met every Saturday in the shopping plaza located on the corner of Old National Hwy, and Flat Shoals Road in College Park, GA” that after a few months of gathering there, that we would decide to create the Southside vintage car legacy we know today…, and alway as ” The Old National Cruisers”, and effort that I remain proud to be a part of.

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