1938 Chevy Master Deluxe Carl Andrews

Bio of Carl Andrews Sr.


Growing up my father had two cars (1) A two tone green 1958 Pontiac Star Chief (2) 1954 Beliar.
I would love to see the passion in my father eyes as he looked upon his cars. He passed on to me the same love of that passion for Old School Cars. As I grew up to be a man I long for that same passion that my father had and I wanted a piece of that history.

I found a 1938 Master Deluxe which I named after my Mother, her nickname was
“Muddy” ( The one who held my heart “Muddy”).

Now I had a part of the dream. This one hot summer day, while I was relaxing at home I heard this loud noise coming from behind my house. I thought I would go and find out what was going on. As I arrived I recognized that a house located right behind my house was a Old School 1937 Chevy Master Deluxe, same color as mine “Black”. My heart droped, I thought my car had been stolen. I knocked on the door and this is how I met Kenny. We talked for a long time. he told me about some great guys who had the same passion for the love of Old School Cars. In 2006 I was introduced to the Old National Cruisers, I felt  the love that they had for each other. They welcomed me with open arms and treated me like family. I began to ride with them and instantly, I could see that same love and passion in their eyes I saw in my Fathers.

“The Passion is Alive”

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