Alvin Hill

Bio of Alvin HillĀ  (Chaplain)

Cars, Cars, Cars!!!

I attended and Old National Cruiser-In about five years ago and I knew immediately that this was something I would enjoy. This club showed lots of caring forĀ others in the time of need and also they displayed just the joy of giving.

In the exception of My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my family and friends, my vintage cars and the joy of my life enjoying seeing the different stages of cars as they journey back to a vibrant condition. This brings numerous conversations and old car tales about restoration from my car brothers, friends and acquaintances.

Since becoming a member of this great organization I was voted in as Chaplain and have remained until this day.

Come on out and join us, you’ll find joy here too! “Giving God all the Praise”

Brother Alvin!!

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